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My fabulous "lost weekend" in LA was quickly coming to an end. Soon I would return to my real life as a simple, happy housewife. In a way, I really didn't want this exciting weekend to end, but I still had one last job in front of me and his name was Jeff.

Actually, Jeff would be the greatest challenge yet. Milt wanted to woo him to his company more than anyone else. Jeff has years of expertise in the field and can bring huge clout to Milt's operation. But lucky for Milt, I also have years of expertise, and after the great fun I'd had with Chuck I was feeling confident and up to the challenge.

I met Jeff outside on the patio of the hotel. I could tell by the way he took my hand that he already knew why I was there. It's amazing how much can be transeferred through a touch of the hand. I wasted no time, as Jeff seemed immediately to me like the type of man who didn't waste any himself. I invited him to my room with the excuse that I had some martinis chilling and I had plenty for two. We got the introductory banter out of the way. I could tell by the way Jeff's eyes moved up and down my body that he wanted to move beyond banter and onto a more substantive subject, like the rise in his pants that was becoming quite obvious.

Jeff was fascinating, really. He didn't ask me why I was there for him, or if I did this for Milt regularly, which led me to believe that Jeff had been down this road before. Perhaps he had been convinced to go to work for his current employer in exactly the same way. That thought sent my head into a tizzy, planning and plotting how to make this encounter hotter than any he'd had before. Clearly, Jeff was down with the whole idea, in a very big way. I was very pleased when I unzipped his pants and found a very hard, nine inch cock at my disposal. Yum!

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